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Jet Flash Smoking System

Jet Flash Smoking System
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Special Request


Jet_Flash_Smoking_System_2.jpg Jet Flash Smoking System
This awesome new smoking system brings you one of the coolest and most visually impressive hits of any pipe. Its unique funnel design and the air intakes along the shoulders force the smoke away from the main interior body of the pipe keeping it nice and clean and at the same time create a turbine effect of swirling, twisting smoke cooling it down and giving you a far smoother hit.

The incredible Jet Flash is designed to be modular so you can easily switch between using a Taster Head, Standard Spoon and the Bubbler Head adapters. This pack even comes with another adapter allowing the integration with a bong or water pipe for that extra filtering.

Glass Bowl
Mouth Piece
Joint Holder (Use for smoking blend joints)
Bubbler Head with 6 slit diffuser
Spoon Pipe Adapter
Taster Head

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