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Leap - Kosmic K

The journey begins as you take a LEAP towards a wonderful new world where the sense of weightlessness takes over and an altered perception of sight and sound reigns supreme.


Relaxation, mild euphoria, tingling body-high, increased awareness of sound and color, distorted sense of time, increased music appreciation, conceptual thinking. Higher dosage may lead to more intense effects, including hallucinations, out of body experiences and loss of physical control.


LEAP onset may take a bit longer than expected. We strongly recommend you allow 30 to 40 minutes before redosing. Word from the wise: moderate to higher doses may result in intense experiences and disconnection from reality. For a more relaxed, euphoric journey (avoiding the K-O), stick to low dosages and enlist the company of a tripsitter.


25 - 75 mg
75 - 125 mg
125 - 175 mg
175 mg +


Come up
Come down
10 - 20 minutes
30 - 40 minutes
1 - 2 hours
3 - 8 hours
3 - 5 hours


2-FDCK (crystal)


Not intended for human consumption. Not recommended for use under 18. If pregnant, nursing or taking a prescription drug, consult your health care professional. Do not exceed recommended dose. Consumption may impair ability to drive or operate heavy equipment. Not recommended for consumption with alcoholic beverages. Do not take together with antidepressant medication. Do not use when you have a history of psychosis. Health Disclaimer
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Customers Reviews LEAP - Kosmic K Share your experience


Took it at a rave in low doses. works great with music if you know how to handle your movements and ligaments :) !!! trippy and euphoric, i loved it!


Hello psychonauts ;)

So first of all, super fast and discreet order, as usual, (thanks Shayana )

As a fan of psychedelics and dissociatives, I decided to test the new LEAP.

So, appearance of fine white crystalline powder, without any real smell. In the nose it goes well, no real taste, at least not too chemical.

First effects 5 minutes later and plateau in half an hour, about 45 minutes and it comes down gently ... So on the one hand, the "anesthetic" and dissociative side that quickly gives you a numbness, first of the body then gradually of the mind, a little like alcohol but less stimulating, more serene (I speak for me).
And on the other hand, by forcing the doses a little, the psychedelic side is more and more felt, ideal to have fun in a calm, nice, pleasant place, with something to trip (go for a walk ... or things to do with your hands, try to play cards, crazy laughter guaranteed) if you have lasers or lights and curtains of color it's even better, it comes titillate the psychedelic side of LEAP ...

Basically, it's really like good "K" ................................................................/

> Otherwise for mixtures:

= By mixing with 1P LSD, the psychedelic side is greatly amplified the "motivating" side of 1P and the dissociative side of LEAP fits well but by increasing the dose of LEAP your psychedelia will be amplified in you can experience "Astral Projection" or clearly have the physical and psychic impression of flying 30 cm above the ground (me ct 3 m...! ;) )

So yes good dissociative at low and high doses & good psychedelic at higher doses.
Be careful, like any dissociative, don't be too forced on your back ;) ( "K.O." )

LEAP now enters TOP 3 of Shayana products (along with WOW and PULSE)

I hope I helped you, Have a good Trip & Stay Safe!

At the next T.R. ;)

Order received after two weeks, but the product is f*cking good. I have 0,2g and I was in heaven. This is like LSD trip, but this háve early start. I order this definitely again. Thanks.


Because im a lover of some kind of experimental things i was very curious about 2f-dck. I ordered it from Shayana and tried it by myself at home. I snorted it like Ketamine and started to feel the effect already after 10 minutes. It started with a sense of euphoria and happiness with a slight confusion. My body started to feel numb and like i was in a bubble of softness. I felt warm and peaceful. Walking became difficult. Very similar to Ket.

Pour les amateurs de ski de fond !
Entre MXE et KT.
3H à 6H.
Bien préparer le set up, bonne musique, éviter les interférences, pouvoir s'allonger, fermer les yeux.
Penser à nettoyer les reins après aussi. bodyload présent.
Ce n'est pas très utile d'en prendre de façon répétée, l'accoutumance est rapide, vaut mieux une (ou deux) bonne dose d'un trait puis voir.


Vraiment top, ressemble vraiment au poney en moins fort (cela veut juste dire qu il faut en consommer un peu plus pour un effet équivalent au vrai. Je recommande à 100%

Amazing chemical. Will have you entering weird spaces and will alter your perception significantly. Mixed with WOW and it was amazing. Would recommend.


realy nice and similar to k but lighter , i recommand a minimum of 120mg for a line if you are use to

impeccable, meets expectations perfectly,
it really looks like good old-fashioned k***ine in a lighter version...
I ordered a second one ;)

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