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African Dream Seeds - Entada Rheedii

Entada rheedii - African Dream Herb

Although the medicinal healing properties of Entada rheedii, commonly known as the African Dream Herb or Snuff Box Sea Bean, have been known and utilized by aboriginal tribes for centuries, most notably, African Dream Herb is used by South Africa’s medicine men and high priests to commune with the spirit world by inducing vivid lucid dreams.

TRADITIONAL PREPARATION: Depending on their purpose, traditional preparations of the Sea Bean vary widely. When used to induce lucid dreams and communication with the spirit world, the inner meat of the seed was either consumed directly, or the meat would be chopped, dried, mixed with other herbs like tobacco and smoked just before bedtime.

TRADITIONAL EFFECTS: There are many unscientific reports and anecdotal stories about the effects of African Dream Herb, which fall into two basic categories. The first category of reports claim that the seed increases one’s ability to fall asleep and stay asleep, as well as producing longer lasting, more vivid and memorable dreams; but not necessarily lucid dreams. The second category of reports describe the seed’s effect as an entry into the dream world, the seed promotes increased awareness during REM sleep, making it easier for the sleeper to realize that they are dreaming and thus giving them an edge in achieving lucidity. Either way, African Dream Herb has achieved a well deserved reputation for being a dream herb par excellence!

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I never had any allergic reaction before, with any natural psychedelic substances or any herb in general. Unfortunately I had it with this seed.
The seed was really hard to crack, inside, the white meat is solid, tough, like porcelain. I grind it to a fine powder. I tried to eat it dry but the taste was really bitter and a bit sour - I was OK with that, most substances don't taste specially nice, then I mixed it with a bit it water and that way a could take it faster. I took about half the seed (the seed is huge). The intake leaves you with a numbness in the tongue, this was also no surprise, I read others reported the same. After about 15 minutes I had sudden allergic reaction, the mucosae of my nose, sinuses and palatal swollen and the upper airways closed, a bit like a very severe flu. Weird enough, it was very local, it was in my nose, palatal, eyes that felt like burning, my eyelids got swollen as well. At that point I was worried so I tried to self induce vomiting, but I guess it was too late, all was absorbed, as hard as I tried I couldn't vomit anything.
Since I didn't have other signs of systemic allergy like rash or wheezing, it meant it was just a local allergic reaction, not systemic which is more serious, so I decided to just take some antiallergics I had at home, that helped a bit, but overall I had difficulties to sleep because of that.
So when I finally got to sleep, I had a very very deep sleep, just before falling sleep I had some images in my head dream like, but really weak and after a while I just fell totally asleep. I woke up about 8h later, except for the deep sleep, I didn't have any recall of a dream, neither any lucid dream (I had lucid dreams before, ages ago, so I know how they are supposed to be, but that's another story)..
I read other people's report and they are mixed, some people rave about it, some do not get much except the deep sleeping, I think that was my case. On top of this of course, the strange allergic reaction, good that I didn't eat the entire seed.
I think I was just unlucky, it is a natural product and there's always a tiny change of being allergic and the only way to find out is trying. To people wanting to give a chance to this seed, I recommend first, don't eat all. Instead try just maybe a quarter of the seed, and wait for 20-30 minutes (have an antiallergic at hand just in case, any antihistaminic you get over the counter is enough), if aside the numbness of the tongue no other effects appear, then you can safely go for it. Maybe it works for you, but for me didn't work

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