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Bud Ignitor
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Bud ignitor is good news for growers who want larger and more valuable yields. It’s a flower booster that makes your plants produce more flowers per inch of stem while triggering earlier onset of flowering so flowers swell and ripen faster and you harvest sooner.
On top of that this bud potentiator also increases essential oil production.

Bud Ignitor gives you more buds per stem. It provides specialized nutrition to your plants during early bloom phase, making them increase the internal production of metabolic triggers that result in stems with more budding sites than they normally would, and faster too.

Instead of only the typical 25-55% of your stem nodes turning into flowering sites, 65-97% of your nodes show floral initiation, and much faster. On average you get 27% more budding sites per plant. These budding sites will develop into flower structures that are much more dense than usual

Not only are you getting more flowers, your budding sites also show up on average 19% sooner than they normally would. That translates into fewer days you have to support your plants during bloom cycle and you’ll be ready for harvest sooner.

This is how Bud Ignitor does the trick. It provides your plants with specially-configured forms of potassium carbonate, potassium phosphate, potassium sulfate and co-factors during the first weeks of bloom phase.
Until recently, nutrients companies failed to realize how vitally important it is to supercharge potassium and phosphorus into your plants during the first two weeks of bloom phase.
In fact, most bloom fertilizer programs provide too little potassium and nitrogen, but they provide too much phosphorus.

Scientific testing from thousands of tissue samples on the type of plants you grow shows that if your plants don’t get the right amounts and right types of potassium and phosphorus early in their bloom phase, it creates a permanent deficit that lowers your harvest size no matter what you do later on.

The good news is that early feeding with Bud Ignitor gets your blooming plants off to a great start for larger yields and faster harvests.

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