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Flowermate V7.0 - Portable Vaporizer

Flowermate V7.0 - Portable Vaporizer
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Flowermate_V7_Portable_Vaporizer_Bronze.jpg Flowermate V7.0 - Portable Vaporizer Flowermate_V7_Portable_Vaporizer_contents.jpg Flowermate V7.0 - Portable Vaporizer
A stylish premium vaporizer disguised as an elegant flask, the Flowermate V7.0 is an affordable, no-frills vaporizer that is simple to operate and excels at truly vaporizing your dry herbs - quickly and efficiently.  The V7.0  is completely analogue and self-regulates it's temperature between 195°C and 210 °C. Standing at 11cm tall and ergonomically designed to fit in your hand and pocket, the V7.0 is great for stealthy vaping on the go.

Unique Design
The bottom of the Flowermate V7.0 swivels out to reveal the hidden heating chamber, and the top cap unscrews to reveal the silicone mouthpiece. The external body is flask shaped and is insulated with a scratch resistant anodized shell for optimal durability. The Flowermate V7.0 is easy to maintain and is ready for use out of the box.

Ceramic Heating Chamber
The high quality embedded ceramic heating chamber is guaranteed to give you a great, pure vaping experience, with no strange smells or flavors. This 'oven' heating element is quick to heat up, yielding medium to thick vapor in less than a minute.

Powerful Batteries
Similar to the Flowermate V5.0, the V7.0 is equipped with two powerful lithium (2600 mAh) batteries, good for hours of vaporizing.

The Flowermate V7.0 is available in Gold and Bronze.

- Elegant Stealth Design: discreet, flask-shaped.
- Portable: compact and fits perfectly in your pocket.
- No Combustion: save your lungs from unhealthy carcinogens.
- Easy to Use: one button turns it on and off.
- Fast Action: ready to use in less than a minute.
- Lasting Performance: up to 2.5 hrs of vaporizing per charge.

- FlowerMate V7.0 Portable Vaporizer
- Rubber Mouthpiece + Cap
- Wall charger (220v, EU plug)
- Cleaning brush
- Packing tool
- User manual

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