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Kanna Extract 10X - Natural Wellness

Elevate Your Natural Wellness

Experience the Calm of Nature: Begin a path to tranquility and well-being with our premium Kanna Extract 10x! Grounded in traditional practices and favored by contemporary wellness advocates, Kanna extract is your key to achieving a harmonious state of mind and body.

Derived from the highest quality Sceletium tortuosum, this concentrated extract provides a powerful route to relaxation and mood improvement that has been valued for centuries.


Mood Improvement: Experience a sense of upliftment and calm with the natural mood-enhancing properties of Kanna.

Stress Reduction: Tackle the challenges of daily life and find moments of calm and relaxation.

Focus Enhancement: Notice improved focus and mental clarity, aiding your productivity and creativity.


A Flexible Addition to Your Wellness Routine: Kanna Extract 10x is simple to add into your daily regimen, whether you choose to mix it into teas, blend it into smoothies, or take it directly. Its adaptable nature ensures it complements any wellness plan.

Adopt a comprehensive strategy for your well-being with Kanna Extract 10x, and allow the secret of nature to improve relaxation and mood in your daily


Kanna 10x extract can be mixed with gum, inhaled, or made into a tea. A typical dose ranges from 50 to 200mg. For an optimal experience, start with a smaller quantity and adjust according to your preference.


Contains 1 gram of Kanna 10x extract.

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So far I have only tested the normal kanna products. So 3 different ones. They have all worked well. The flavour wasn't great and the ones for drinking were easy on the for the kanna 10x extract: easier to take with snuff. Flavour not so bad. Pleasant effect with only a small line. I am satisfied with the product.

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