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Groove- E (Green-E)

All you slow sissies out there, beware! Green-e is a vigorous mix of all the finest nature has to offer, so only those of you who are man (or woman) enough to handle this energy trip are invited on board. Want to dive right into the night with a bang or simply keep on rocking till sunrise? Be not afraid, 'cause Green-e is at your assistance. 


Natural XTC caps, a powerful mixture of Sida Cordifolia, taurine, caffeine, guarana, ma huang extract and magnesium stearate take you to places never visited before!


1 capsule 45 minutes before the desired effect!


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Germany , Norway , Switzerland , United Kingdom

Customers Reviews Groove- e (Green-e) Share your experience


these are not powerfull, but they work.. We had a good night and all.. But I didnt wisit any places, just a good boost and slightley erouforic feeling..


It didnt work! i took 3 of theese and 2 funcaps, didn´t work at all.Smoked a lil buud and the a little my credits for this is really bad!

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