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Alegria Azul

Into the great blue you will go with this high energy and very empathogenic product. The active ingredient is 4-FMP which is close to MDMA in its effects. Its highly stimulating and will have you breaking moves on on the dance floor, but you will retain complete control. This being the case, you won't stop dancing and will enjoy conversation with complete strangers well into the night if you like.

You will start to peak within the first hour of ingestion and then expect to be feeling the effects for the next 8 to 10 hours.


Euphoria, increased energy and mood elevation


1,5 ml
2,5 ml
5 ml


8-10 hours




4-FMP (5ml)


Not intended for human consumption.
We don't ship this product to:
Germany , Norway , Switzerland , United Kingdom

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Fucking amazing tripping.. Fucking amazing shipping...
I and my wife took one each and an hour later it kicked in!!
Amazing for laughing, dancing, very happy feeling, gives you a great energy boost and super duper erotic side effect ;-)


Bonne montée une petite heure après la prise, puis une bonne heure love qui s'estompe pour laisser la place à de la bonne énergie. Descente tranquille, petit serrage de temps et attention au coeur qui s'emballe. Pour ceux qui aime bouger sans perdre le controle.

I tried it at a party and loved it! Not as strong as a yellow one, but perfect for dancing and socializing. Great mood raising effect! I would definitely order it again! Effect is very close to xtc, but not too strong, similar to 1 pill. Thank you Shayana!


Its effects were similar to the combination of Amphetamine ​​(65%) + MDMA (35%) approx.
Takes a lot like dancing, the high comes slowly but when it gets it, stays here for a long time, it can be controlled perfectly, not like a strong dose of MDMA.
Produce insomnia and bruxism if you take the entire bottle at a time.
On the 6-7h I recommend to force yourself to dance a lot and to get very tired so you maybe can sleep later.
Also I recommend taking half a bottle on an empty stomach (so you will feel the high quickly and you can eat later if you want, but you wont feel hungry) and 4 hours later take the rest. With this combination you can keep the dance more than 8h.

wow, this is amazing. I tried the medium dose and within 40 minutes I was dancing full of energy and in great mood. I recommend you plan to dance the whole night until early hours, because the effects last well at least for 8h, I tried to sleep but didn't work until 11h in the morning, so yeah, really really good stuff.


Total pilly willy for 6 hours but very good for sensual love too ;)
Parfait pour un câlin sensuel aussi mais tout est très doux et mou ^^

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