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Super Rush Black Label Liquid Incense

Super Rush Black Label Liquid Incense

With tens of millions sold, RUSH® is the world's number one selling Liquid Incense®!

An extra strong special Black Label Edition of your favourite brand of quality poppers and sexual enhancers. Feel the extra rush of pleasure as you take your sexual encounter to the next level. With this great product you can guarantee that everyone will enjoy the party.

Upgrade your orgasm and your love life with this top party popper.

Quantity – 24 ml
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Germany , Norway , Sweden , Switzerland , United Kingdom

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Super popers le meilleur de tous d’ailleurs !!
Sans hésitez il vous amène dans un autre monde vraiment plus que les autres !
Les effets sont courts (Du moins classique) mais la montée est fabuleuse !
Vous l’avez compris je le recommande vivement :)

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