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Ever wondered what it feels like to walk on the moon ? Do you sometimes wish the earth’s gravity would just  loosen its grip on you? Then pour this handy bottle of Moonwalk down your throat and start to float !
Moonwalk is a nifty mix of active herbs from around the world. The combination of energy (Guarana), relaxation (Calamus), the sex drive (Catuaba) and smoothness (Caribbean Passion flower), in a dazzling mix of 15% alcohol topped off with some honey, will indeed make your body believe you’re walking on the moon.  


Here’s a small overview of the effects you can expect from Moonwalk:
Catuaba enhances the sex drive and provides both sexes with feelings of heightened lust. It improves blood circulation in the genital area, causing stronger and longer erections. Orgasms become more intense. After taking it, most users report a pleasant feeling running through your back and a feeling of excitement all through the body.
Calamus also stimulates sex drive. In light doses it makes you happy. In bigger doses users experience hallucinogenic effects.
Guarana is a natural energy booster that has been known to Amazonian tribes for ages. Nowadays it has become a very widespread and popular energizer.
Passionflower has a relaxing effect on the body.
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very mild, thought cheap, not bad freshened.... Feel more ligh listening at The Police..."walking on the moon" :-D

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