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Special Request


Crystal-C is the latest breakthrough in performance enhancing supplements that will unleash your bodies full potential. Containing the exciting new Creatine-Potassium-Bicarbonate, Crystal-C will give you faster and stronger results then any other regular creatine on the market. The unique structure of Creatine-Potassium-Bicarbonate ensures a muscle uptake of almost 100% with virtually no conversion to harmful Creatinine. Meaning you need less to get even better results!
Crystal-C highlights:

  • Muscle uptake & utilisation of >99%
  • Gain mass, strength & endurance
  • Virtually no Creatinine conversion
  • Results in days, not weeks
  • Extremely concentrated
  • Full & hard muscles
  • Buffers lactic acid
  • No bloating
  • No loading

Crystal-C is the perfect performance enhancing product for any active individual. Only a few capsules per day are enough to experience maximum results. Safely, effectively and fast; Crystal-C works!
Stack Crystal-C with HMBolic for increased results.

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