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It took 5 years of intense research to develop a balanced extract of the plant Urtica Dioica that obtains effective results. Testo-Sting can produce amazing effects, without adding any illegal substances.

The Urtica Dioica extract in Testo-Sting helps the body to raise the levels of unbound testosterone. Releasing the testosterone from its bindings it the only way to produce a natural anabolic effect. In addition, testo-Sting also increases IGF-1 and Thyroid hormone (T-3) levels. This way, testo-sting instantly helps the body to gain muscle mass, strength and hardness. On top of that, it also acts as a fat burner of the body and promotes healthy and good sleep. If Testo-Sting is combined with the right nutrition and an adequate fitness program, results will soon be visible.

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Wow i was really suprised with the result of this product.

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