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Product X Transform
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The human body is a wonderful machine. It has an intricate system of checks and balances designed with one primary consideration, survival. Your body does not want you walking around with another 20 pounds of muscle on you, because muscle burns calories, and therefore is a “negative” in your bodys calculations. As far as your body is concerned, as long as you have enough muscle on you to perform the needed tasks necessary to survive, that’s good enough.

This is why we weight train. That stress on the muscle is what tells the human body to build more muscle. The constant increase in weights is telling the human machine that it is going to have to slap on a few more pounds of mass, if it is going to be able to accomplish the task we are asking it to do.

Unfortunately, we have those damn checks and balances again. The body is going to work hard to put on just enough additional “calorie burning” muscle to get the job done, and not much more. Testosterone, estrogen, progesterone, insulin and cortisol as well as other elements all work to promote this system of checks and balances that want to stop you from walking around with another 10 pounds of muscle, and 10 pounds less fat on your frame.

Anabolic steroids and prohormones are compounds that manipulate this system of checks and balances to tip the scales in our favor. By increasing anabolic (muscle builing) functions, and decreasing catabolic (muscle wasting) processes, they allow us to more easily increase our muscular size. Unfortunately, steroids are illegal, and pro-hormones/pro-steroids will be very shortly as well. The upcoming ban on prohormones has left many people asking, “What do we do now?”

Here at LegalGear we looked at hundreds of different compounds, investigating each one to see how we could “shift” that system of checks and balances to tip the scales in our favor much the same way prohormones and prosteroids do. When the dust settled and the smoke cleared, we had created a powerful combination that is effective at helping you build lean mass while reducing bodyfat. Product X Transform is a powerful combination of six compounds:

3,7-D5-BCA: 3-alpha, 7-alpha-dihydroxy-5-beta-cholanic acid (3,7-D5-BCA) is a naturally occurring bile acid. Bile acids are produced by the liver and released into the small intestine where they act as emulsifiers, dissolving fats in a watery environment so that they can be absorbed. It has also been shown, that this bile acid inhibits an enzyme involved in cortisol activation. Cortisol is the main catabolic hormone in your body that acts to break down muscle tissue in times of stress. Most people know that suppressing systemic levels of cortisol is not advantageous because the body reacts by producing even higher levels of this hormone. 3,7-D5-BCA acts to decrease local levels of cortisol in specific tissuess in a targeted manner based on the presence of the enzyme it inhibits without changing the circulating levels of cortisol, so there is no rebound to worry about. The result is a strong anti-catabolic effect in skeletal muscle tissue as well as increased fat burning and enhanced insulin sensitivity. PATENT PENDING!!!

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