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Pink Panther - Grace Glass Boxset - 25Cm

Pink Panther - Grace Glass Boxset - 25Cm
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PinkPanther_GGRecyclerBong_BoxSet_01.jpg Pink Panther - Grace Glass BoxSet - 25cm
Grace Glass is proud to present you with a magnificent new bong intended for both oil and herb lovers! The high-quality borosilicate glass ball recycler bong comes equipped with a wide mouthpiece and an adjoining tube that you can use to recycle your oil.

A pink atomium diffuser percolator will filter your smoke to perfection by breaking it into smaller particles for a smooth, satisfying taste. An alluring bending neck provides a comfortable grip, while the flat bottom featuring the Grace Glass logo provides a solid base to prevent tipping.

The BoxSet is delivered in an awesome kit that includes a two-point oil dome, a nail, a grinder, a silicone jar, tips, screens, and a socket adapter.

Product details:
Brand: Grace Glass
Use: Dry Herb, Oil, Concentrates
Material: Borosilicate Glass
Height: 25 cm
Diameter: 50 mm
Socket: 18.8 mm
Colour: Clear with pink logo and details

BoxSet includes:
1 x Grace Glass Ball Recycler Bong
1 x vapor dome
1 x glass nail
1 x herb bowl (female with screen)
1 x Grace Glass silicone container
1 x Grace Glass acrylic grinder
1 x Grace Glass filter tips
1 x padded gift box
*Colour of included grinder and silicone container may vary.


A bong’s basic function is to filter and cool down the smoke to give you as smooth and enjoyable an experience as possible. Bongs are made of almost any material and in every shape and form. Some come with special features like ice notches to cool the smoke down faster, removable stems, and percs, so pick a bong that will stand up to the kind of usage (daily or occasional, portable or more home-based) that you intend to make of it, and remember to clean often for an optimal smoking experience.

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