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San Pedro - Trichocereus Peruvianus Seeds

San Pedro - Trichocereus Peruvianus Seeds
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Trichocereus pachanoi or San Pedro cactus has since long been used by Native tribes in the Andes who extract from it a psychedelic tea with effects similar to those of the Peyote cactus (lophophora williamsii).

San Pedro is an easy to grow cactus. Place it outside when it gets warmer and the days get longer. In winter, the cacti should be taken indoors, as freezing temperatures, frost or snow can be fatal. San Pedro’s lower mescaline content is compensated by its growth rate (1 cm/ week!).

In Europe you can produce fast growing San Pedro (trichocereus pachanoi) cacti without special tools. Water them when it gets warm and fertilize now and then. Without water, the cacti survive around 3 months. In winter, only water them when the soil gets too dry. Do not over water either !

Use succulent soil mix or make your own cactus soil: 25% Grit, 25% Perlite and 50% of common potting soil. For info on germination, read the instructions. Growers who buy San Pedro seeds and grow their own cactus, won't be disappointed.

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