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Anabolic Protein

LegalGear has done it once again by redefining the protein market with the Anabolic Protein matrix. Using a mix of Whey, Milk Protein Isolate and the newest protein star Buckwheat Protein Fractions, LegalGear gives you the most advanced protein matrix available today. Buckwheat protein gives the highest quality protein source and "low impact" lean carbs to help give you the power you need to muscle through your workout even in ketosis! Buckwheat protein fractions have a unique fiber and hypoglycemic (carb clearing) agent that allows you to maintain a keto diet and partition carbohydrates. The low glycemic carbs are used to build muscle and not fat!

The most exciting fact regarding buckwheat protein fractions is a study where rats that were fed equal quantities of protein from either buckwheat fractions or micellar casein showed increased skeletal muscle hypertrophy (gains) in the animals consuming buckwheat protein. Furthermore, buckwheat protein reduced body fat at the same time! So according to this independent study, buckwheat protein fractions increase muscle and decrease body fat! Trust the people at LegalGear to yet again define the market by producing a superior protein source.



* Whey Protein Fractions - Quick Release Protein
* Buckwheat Protein Fractions - Complete Protein Increased Growth
* Milk Protein Isolate - Slow Release Protein
* Lean Carbs - Designer Carbs Promote Leanness & Muscle Growth
* High Fiber Source - Helps With Digestion

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