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Smoking Eco King Size

Smoking Eco King Size
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Smoking_KS_Eco_942_a.jpg Smoking Eco King Size
Smoking brand rolling papers are made from the finest natural hemp, and the Smoking company grows their own hemp in order to ensure quality and consistency. This means that you know exactly what your paper is made of, and who made it, and with what materials. These rolling papers are gummed with natural arabic gum that is made from the Acacia plant that is grown in central Africa.

Made of
110 x 44mm
33 papers
100% hemp

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Easily my favourite papers.
Nice thickness in the paper.
They're not too thin or transparent. They're not too thick so it doesn't feel like you're smoking from copy book paper.
Also they're made of hemp, which is more renewable than paper from trees.
Great product.
And a good price too.