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Raw Wiz Loud Pack - 1 ¼

Raw Wiz Loud Pack - 1 ¼
1 Pack
Price € 2,50
3 Packs
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5 Packs
Price € 9,95
Wiz_RAW_Loud_b.jpg RAW Wiz Loud Pack - 1 ¼
Wiz Khalifa Raw Loud Pack 1 ¼ Smoking Papers are more than just another rolling paper. Each pack holds 32 papers, as well as the pack itself can be used as your rolling tray, and as an added bonus it also comes with a poker and filter tips!

As you can expect with any Raw rolling papers, these are pure natural, unbleached and use only natural hemp gum. The paper itself burns evenly and smoothly, making these a favorite of Wiz Khalifa himself.

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