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Grace Glass Baku Bubbler

Grace Glass Baku Bubbler
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Special Request


Grace_Glass_Baku_Bubbler_Green.jpg Grace Glass Baku Bubbler
This Grace Glass Limited Edition Bubbler is a spectacular piece of glass art that will make your senses explode! Choose between gentle touches of gold or green colored accents on the robust heat resistant borosilicate glass, formed in the shape of a vintage sidecar styled tube.

You can place your favorite herbs onto the detachable 2 point bowl, which connects to an inline slit diffuser through a built-in chillum with a sure ground of 14.5mm. The inline slit diffuser will disperse your smoke into the water chamber so as to get filtered by the water. What's more, a splashguard will prevent the water from splashing into your mouth. With the Grace Glass logo featuring at the front of the water chamber, the bubbler ends up in a flare mouthpiece ring through a bent neck that will offer you a more comfortable grip.

20cm (Green) / 21cm (Gold)
40mm / 15mm
Clear with Gold or Green accents

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