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Waterpipe Rasta

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I didn't buy this from you guys, but I've smoked from one of these. They are quite nice--my only complaint would be they are too small. You can put water in it and make it a bubbler, but the water splashes up onto the pot and puts it out, and sometimes you get water in your mouth. And besides, even without putting water in it, it's a small chamber, so with it half filled with water, you get a really small hit. anyway, I like it.


To be honest when I ordered this i thought it was gonna be the size of a regular small bottle but that was my own fault for not paying attention. Apart from that I have some other problems though. It arrived with the pipe bent right underneath the bowl because theres not really enough space for it. this really blocked the airflow. I tried fixing it with some pliers but even after the pipe was straightened out it still had terrible air flow. I might still use it for decoration but its not smokable for me.

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