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Nepal Temple Ball

Alchemist Gold presents the legendary Nepal Temple Ball for the modern connoisseur.

Walking in the footsteps of the iconic Temple Ball this malleable oily product can be rolled into thin strips, burned and enjoyed to the fullest with the guarantee of a high quality product.

Developed for the experienced enthusiast, it will leave you relaxed and uplifted giving you a positive experience you will want to re-visit again and again.

Customers Reviews Nepal Temple Ball Tell us your experience



Realy good stuff, it is as good as the Barium Brick but comes in a ball shape Brick (which makes it hard to cut off a little peace). I did it in the Bong and it almost melted my brain. But put in a joint its super effective and does stuff to your brain I can not realy discribe in words. It has a moldy taste. But all in all realy good stuff.


Fin de la première boulette et vraiment très surpris l effet est la avec un high très présent des les premières barres à part l'odeur qui ressemble un peu à l afghan il n'y a que du positif, à recommander


The best hash I have ever smoked, but really expensive
why is it so expensive?why isn't the any option on buying more grams?each time I have to but 2 grams and pay 27eu,which is a lot.


Very good stuff, arrived in 8 days. For regular consumers its a nice choice. Strong and relaxing, more individual trip even in group.


''ugh... dude... i'm blitzed outta ma' mind''

Basically, again, great product. absolutely loved it. the only thing that threw me off was the smell of the product (weird, tibetan herbal type crap).

but. OH.. MY.. GOD this is the bees knees, the cats pyjamas, the dogs dangles, the syrup on pancakes and the kisses of spring.

it provides a realistic baked sensation with i sort of internal warmed brain massage. you get the munchies a motherf****r, super chilled, giggles. basically the works.
plus it won't Stank up the room either hidden away or puffin away. HIGHly recommend


Bon délire bien puissant =) ressemble bien à la marie mais sans gout et sans odeur (ideal en public)


Light. Nice. I don't actually can say if I prefer it to regular hash or polen. Don't agree it's very strong but I only had a Joint with little amount. Not exactly at the clouds but still confortable enough.


Très bon produit, bien plus fort que du THC , attention a ne pas mélanger avec de l’alcool ( si vous voulez tenir debout !! )


This thing is potent, very potent. It rushes up to the head and I felt melty and couldn't move for around 10 mins. Don't really like the smell but I love the effect.


Awesoooooooome!!!! I really liked the effect, Kind of made me fly in my own body, and my girlfriend felt like she's on clouds. So yeah I totally recommend. I smoke rather a lot and yet it still has an effect on me, so if you're tired of weed and hash go for it!!


amazing stuff. take care it's very strong. i even had a 2d vision hallucination during 30mn at some point..
i recommend it


Très bon produit, l'effet ressemble vraiment à du hash de très bonne qualité, bien que l'effet soit assez court et le prix assez élevé; mais en tout cas c'est bien superieur à ce que je peux trouver usuellement comme hash,


expensive for what it is, but what it is is what exactly it says it is. only personal opinion would stop me ordering again, not a great fan of solids. very very good product though .


To me the best hash sold on Shayana although quite expensive , but the quality compensates the amount you have to put in your spliff . Easy to handle , not aggressive to smoke and its effects are ...unmatched , so different ... Try it , you won't be deceived .


Hallo Leute. Ich habe mich die ganze Woche mit diesem Zeug "beschäftigt". Habe das zeug erst geraucht (1-2 g), bekomme dadurch ein leichtes Kopfhigh und euphorisches Gefühl. Dennoch hat es mich nicht wirklich überzeugt. Habe dann mal 0,3 Gramm gegessen. Erst Garnichts, aber nach ca 1-2 Stunden hat es mich so weg geballert. Ich kam damit erst garnicht klar. und ich war noch am nächsten morgen high XD. Also liebe freunde. Mit Vorsicht zu genießen sprach der alte Römer. Ps.: Die synthetischen Drogen werden immer besser. PIECE OUT!


I didn't really like it. The feeling is heavy and the duration is pretty short (compared to to cannabis or the Dutch Orange mix. Since the effects are fading away I nearly always wanted to smoke it again even if the high was not so great for me and really too short. Anyway most people here seem to love it. I would always choose Dutch Orange over it but will be testint others


I have tried this product several times and it is to my liking, A kind of sweet smell to it. Looks like normal and it works really good. Fast delivery and no problems with this product.


Very good stuff, don't need much of it in a joint to do the business. As for the odor/taste others mention, I myself think its just fine. The strongest legal high I've personally sampled that seems the most similar to being stoned on weed. I certainly recommend it, despite of course preferring the real thing, but when the real thing in your area is of poor quality or hard to come by, this will do the job nicely.


Its a very nice product, its much stronger than weed but I love it and I am more eficient than I am under weed's effects.
Ty you shayana, you made my life better!

(Keep your mind on the dosage, for one person a small ball around the size of 2-3 rice its more than enough, at least for me.)


C'est la première fois pour moi et je suis très satisfaite avec le produit et la livraison! Merci!


Love the texture of this hash!! Rolled my joint with little sticks of it like the old days when my friends would get the original sticky stuff. Nice high, great product. Look forward to ordering more sometime soon.