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Dutch Manali Himalaya

Rich and intense, this Himalaya blend is easy to crumble. This golden solid is another winner from the Dutch Manali herbal incense brand.
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Really good hash, i smoked a 3 grams in 4 joints ( with like approximatly 0,7/0,9 in each joint ) i rolled huge ones only but i got crazy high every time and i've been smoking for like 2 years everyday


It is a good and rich smoke --> recommendet for everybody who is looking for a legal way to get high .
The flavour is sth you have to get used to but it is not very harsh


I have ordered this a number of times and have found it a good substitute during those dry times or when waiting on a crop to get ready. HOWEVER, the last time I ordered this it was very dense and very hard, much more so than usual. The only way I could use it was by using a knife with a scerated edge to scrape and chip bits off. This led to two problems: The first was that I lost a lot of it into my carpet and the second was that I slipped and sliced my thumb requiring 2 stitches. I do not blame Shayanashop for any of this, after all, the quality control should be done by the manufacturer, not Shayanashop. I guess what I'm trying to say to any future consumers is that if it does seem really dense and hard PLEASE be very, very careful if you have to use a knife.


Rapport qualité prix très intéressant =)

° high type résine
° gout type pollen ou super popo (moins fort)
° aspect et texture type pollen

Tres bon matos je recommande.



Definitely the best smokey thing I bought from Shayana Shop. And the price ratio is superb! With the 3 grams that I bought I rolled about 10 joints that were all enough to give me a total relaxation.




very cool product, potent solid, taste not too harsh, 4/5


safe and discreet packing cames fast works great :) the taste could be better but its ok. will try something else.


Dutch Manali - Himalaya est l'un de mes préférés pour le moment.
Il vous perche en douceur sans déformer le visage. Parfait pour le jour.


Hello and thank you for the command(order) which I have just received in 3 days!!! Very good product I had just smoked a joint of orange and at the end of one hour I am say says: go a young?
I have it put compared a lot for one person who says that it is necessary to put it a lot. It is not true, çà do not last for a long time OK but çà break all the same a moment, me who am thrifty I have it put too much.
Too well!!!


Nice smoke, not as good as the original Manali blend but Its not bad.
light headedness, some relaxation and if taken in moderation blurred vision, tired eyes and sleepiness. But i found i was fed up with smoking it by the time i got that far. It's mild, so great for beginners but not a nice taste.