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Dutch Manali Espirit

Dutch Manali - Espirit

Ask and you shall receive! Due to popular demand, one of the top selling hash brands, Dutch Manali, has released their first smoking blend…introducing Espirit! This blend combines the fine qualities of Manali’s famous solids, Essence and Himalaya into a pleasurable experience that offers a head and body high comparable to Indica/Sativa hybrid cannabis strains. Dutch Manali Espirit brings us another great alternative to cannabis that is sure to become a favorite amongst those who enjoy our premium smoking blends.

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Very similar effects as dutch orange mix, but more "cleaner" high.
Definetly recommended for everyone! Like this better than dutch orange mix =)


I'm a big fan of the Himalaya hash and used the offer from Shayana Shop to taste the Espirit for Free. Nice high without the worries of a drug test! :D


my first experience from shayanashop, and it was a good one. manali espirit give a nice trip. might be a little bit less powerful than the orange mix I tried later


Toujours pas de souci de livraison et un produit pas mal, bien que je trouve le dutch extrem plus sympa (ça tape plus fort), avec le manali, on fini stone pis c'est tout, par contre on en fume tant qu'on veut, on est quasi jamais mal avec, tout en gardant de bon effets!


This is a very good thing. I put 20% of Manali and 80% tobacco, I failed all the smoke. half an hour I was too killed and the other 1 hour were great. you have to be careful how you place, because for me 20% of it was a little too much. the taste is not bad, and smell like some tea or something. a very good thing, you can not go wrong with this.