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Dutch Orange T-Stick

The most powerful mix of herbs guaranteed to give you a high almost comparable to cannabis. To enjoy by yourself or with friends, Dutch Orange T-stick is another proof that nature works its ways to help mankind enjoy life. Kanna extract, passion flower extract and other herbal extracts are the main components of Dutch Orange T-stick. But what makes the T-stick so effective is the secret mixing process, using the right quantities of each ingredient. 
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I got some truffles, T-sticks and Manali - Essence so talkin' abot the T-sticks - first day Imixed them with some Manali hash and it was strong energystealing thing - good for making music for example.7/10. The next day I tryed clean T-sticks and it was like joint but without the tripping part. You got than relaxing, creative mood but without any movies 7/10 ;D


First think about dutch orange t-stick is pretty good. just smoked and feel like cannabis. :) i will order again.


Pretty good. Quite a pleasant smell and taste too - compared to a lot of different stuff that I smoked. Worth trying.


Oui ça défonce! J'ai pris quoi 5% d'un grame, juste de quoi remplir une pipe à 3 quarts et putain ça défonce comme le cannabis mais ça dure seulement 1h 15. C'est même un peu hallucinogéne et le sexe est excellent. Après t'est assez relaxe pendant 3 heures mais j'ai l'impression que c'est assez toxique comparé au cannabis

Odeur: orange
odeur fumée: tabacc
gout fumé; cannabis



Mixed with tobaccos,smoked in a pipe...good mix,almost like cannabis..Thanx a lot shayana