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Natural Pre-Rolled Cones

Natural Pre-Rolled Cones
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Cones_Natural_KS_3pk.jpg Natural Pre-Rolled Cones Cones_Natural_Sm_6pk.jpg Natural Pre-Rolled Cones
Treat yourself to a pure, natural smoking experience. These Pre-rolled Cones are made of unbleached and 100% natural rolling paper to guarantee optimum flavour and a wonderful smoking experience of the highest pleasure.


Cones by Mountain High has been the official brand for pre-rolled paper cones since 1994. The brand is a synonym for quality, ease, and the ultimate smoking experience and is prized far and wide. The natural rolling paper features the original Cones watermark for the best in brand recognition and guarantees that these are the real deal. Natural Cones feature an integrated cardboard filter. This innovative filter tip ensures maximum smoke circulation and prevents you from inhaling what you fill the cone with.

Available sizes:

• Small - 6 Pack

• King Size - 3 Pack

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