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Nootrosmart - Alert

- Extended alertness
- Increased memory
- Enhanced mood
- Improved cognitive powers

Stay alert for longer periods without loss in cognition and maintain your alertness without battling fatigue or losing your mental capacity. NootroSmart Alert represents the cutting edge of pharmacology for psychostimulants without any of the side effects of other mental stimulant products.

Sometimes we need a helping hand in today’s fast paced world, where we are often called upon to work longer and longer hours whilst still being expected to maintain all performance capabilities. If you just need to increase your “awake time” in order to stay out of bed or focus on enjoying life’s pleasures to the fullest, then this is your answer.

Complete any task in your own extended time frame, increase memory and motivation with this amazing, innovative smart drug!


100mg Modafinil


Each pack contains 15 or 30 pills. Take up to 2 pills/day.

Customers Reviews NootroSmart - Alert Share your experience


A good product, and it works well. Helps with fatigue during long work days. Good communication from the company, and shipping didn't take too long.


its the real deal!
lasts long and smooth. no party stuff, but great against the fatigue and brain fog!

Pas mal du tout, permet une relative concentration pour passer la journée à travailler sans prendre en compte le facteur temps ni fatigue, de plus une certaine efficacité avec Strattera.
NE PAS prendre après 11h AM, sinon la nuit va être longue et votre cerveau s'agitera comme un enfant à Noël.
Livraison surprenante en quelques jours, je recommande tellement que... je recommande ;)


Seems like good Modafinil in it. More like a general feeling of beeing awake and concentrated, than a "high".

Etudiant en grand école je suis souvent amené à devoir me taper 10-12h de taf par jour, le problème c'est qu'en bédavant ça devient vite compliqué. Mais ça c'était avant de croiser la route du modafinil
Les effets sont surtout visible au niveau de la résistance à la fatigue et de la concentration. Je vous conseil de ne pas en abuser sur de longues périodes pour éviter les maux de tête. A part ça super produit!


jan/2016 This is the real deal. Will keep you awake all day. Do your readings on the net about it. Doses vary alot. Find your sweetspot. Start on a low dose (50 mg) taken in the early morning. Don´t drink Coffee with it.

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