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Nootrosmart Oxiracetam

Experience greater focus, motivation and concentration, giving you an excellent tool for learning and studying!

This memory boosting smart drug is now available through NootroSmart – Oxiracetam. The breakthrough Nootropic has also been known to offer a stimulating effect on its users, helping to fight the effects of fatigue.

This 'all in one' product is fantastic for your memory and cognition functions and will show a positive increase in your sensory perception. Unlike other nootropics, Oxiracetam does not work as a mood enhancer and therefore cannot be used to treat depression. This is a pure nootropic and is one of the most powerful methods of boosting your memory allowing you to think clearly, faster and fluidly.


• Stimulating
• Increased logical thought
• Increased spatial learning
• Increased neuro protective capabilities


500 mg: 333 mg Oxiracetam, 166mg Choline


Each pack contains 60 pills. Take between 2 to 4 pills per day.

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I’m a long term user and fan of Oxiracetam. For me it is very reliable in improving mood and motivation. Make music sound amazing too (at least 3 pills). Having a little bit too much can definitely cause some hypomania, although that’s not necessarily undesirable.

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