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San Pedro is one of the three famous mescaline containing cacti. Used by the shamans and healers of the Andes it is a plant with many qualities. Among the names used to refer to this cactus, such as its traditional name Huachuma, we also find the name “El Remedio”. A name the plant was rewarded with because of its healing powers. The shamans use it to be healed from the illusions of the world. Another reference to the cactus’ ability to guide one into a new dimension is the name San Pedro itself, since Saint Peter is in fact the gatekeeper of heaven, making the san pedro cactus the “key” to another world.
The key alkaloid of the San Pedro cactus is mescaline or 3,4,5-trimethoxyphenethylamine, a psychedelic substance and entheogen, the highest concentrations of which are supposedly found in the layer of green tissue just beneath the skin of the cactus.
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