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Solid Incense Pack

Solid Incense Pack

With more solid incense on offer than any other online smart shop, you might feel a bit overwhelmed. Each solid has its own unique scent and effect, just like the real stuff. So this solid incense pack has been created for you to try them all (well... almost) and decide for yourself which is your favourite. The pack includes Dutch Orange Solid Incense Light, Barium Solid Incense, Dutch Manali, Hafnium Solid, Dutch Manali Himalaya & Mystic Hush.
If one of the items is not available at the time of packing, we will double one of the other items of the pack.


Dutch Orange Hash Light
Barium Hash
Dutch Manali
Hafnium Solid
Dutch Manali - Himalaya
Mystic Hash


Not intended for human consumption.

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While some hash have extremely high like Barium, I have the feeling it is chemically not good to smoke regularly, to use once and get over

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