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Micro1cp - Microdosing Cognitive Enhancer

Micro 1cp is the microdosing miracle that will open the door to your imagination. Microdosing will allow you to get the benefits of the substance, while still being able to function and keep up with your daily tasks, on the way to achieving a flow state which will release your creativity and elevate your mood and focus.


Ability to focus better and for longer, enhanced creativity, mental clarity and general sense of well being, conceptual thinking and mood enhancement. Microdosing equates to integrating a sub-perceptual amount of psychedelics into your monthly routine. This means that the effects are subtle and will not cause any deviations from reality.


Micro 1cp includes 10 stamps, each with 20µg (micrograms) of active ingredient. Take 1 microdose (1 stamp) every third day. The stamp should be swallowed with water. You should maintain your routine and not change anything else. It can be useful to take notes of your experience to compare flow states from the past.


1cp-LSD - 20µg per stamp (per microdose)


Take 1 microdose (1 stamp) every third day.


Not recommended for use under 18. If pregnant, nursing or taking a prescription drug, consult your health care professional. Do not exceed recommended dose. Consumption may impair ability to drive or operate heavy equipment. Not recommended for consumption with alcoholic beverages. Do not take together with antidepressant medication. Do not use when you have a history of psychosis. Health Disclaimer
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C'est top !!!
Ma première commande lors du 1er confinement, 1 semaine pour la livraison, j'en suis à la 4ème et c'est toujours nickel.
Suite au décès de mon épouse, j'ai eu du mal à remonter aussi je me suis intéressé au micro dosage. Une cure de micro pointe durant trois mois l'été passé et c'était vraiment un bon soutien. Par la suite j'ai commandé des champ magiques que j'ai pris en pleine nature dans la forêt; j'ai pu durant la cérémonie chamanique larguer les derniers poids de ma vie passée.
Je n'ai pas encore testé les derniers champs mais je le sent bien, ça sera encore de l'ordre du rituel.
Pensez que les plantes sont nos amis et sont là pour nous aider à avancer dans notre réalité en demandant des conseils dans une autre !!!!
Profitez "sagement" de vos commandes;
ps: il y a parfois un supplément lors des livraisons, merci Shayana


Wow...The first day I took it, I felt like I have a fresher capacity of memorization, like the one I had as a child. My creativity level was higher but my interests merged on philosophy. I welcomed intuition and she helped me understand what's the meaning of death.

Took it 4h ago so I’m writing this text in the middle of my “experience”.
1h after intake, I started to feel spiky headache in my left part of the prefrontal cortex(responsible for analytical thinking, counting, languages etc.) but that went away after aprox 5min. Then started to feel heat all over my body followed by an extreme body-lightness as if I was floating in a cloud, thinking “shit is this really a microdose” 😅because the body feeling was very strong( comparable to when you’re on mushrooms ) All of that happened as I was riding my bike. By the time I arrived home I felt overwhelmed by the strong feeling of
“matt-ness”, sort of Apathy. I didn’t know whether I was thirsty, hungry, tired, awake nor knew I what I wanted to do. So 0 creativity, but very calm and without worries at the same time....(still wondering how this can be a microdose)

By now my concentration/focus is equal 0 ( I’m writing this text since an hour now 😂) So in my case I defo wouldn’t take it at work.
I wish this trip would take a turn now to where I feel inspired, creative or more “tuned-in”...My boyfriend is coming home from work soon, so hoping maybe then the experience will take a turn where I can have some interesting conversations. Lets see if he notices smth 😄



This is one product here, which works exactly as describes. Perfect, I highly recomend for regular days to make your life easier and more prosper ;-)

Love the micro 1CP

I feel happy, dynamic, creative and even find work interesting now. The energy level is higher, i almost feel 16 again in mind.

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