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Alice's Wonder Mix

Alice's Wonder Mix is a meditational herbal mix. Ingredients: Amanita Muscaria (fly agaric), Passion Flower, Damiana, Catmint, Skullcap, rose leaves and peppermint leaves.


Generates a stoned high, but is much milder than eating the fly agaric.


Alice's Wonder Mix can be smoked in a joint or pipe.


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I had this in Amsterdam, but was told to brew it up as a herbal tea, a mild but very pleasing effect, not going to get you wasted my any means but I enjoyed it very much, perhaps people who didn't enjoy this would do better making as a herbal tea, i have never smoked it.


Bueno, es una mezcla bastante atractiva de sustancias más o menos psicodélicas pero según mi paracer han sido un poco tacaños con las más alucinogenas.A los 4 porros empiezas a notar un colocón distinto al del cannabis, muy relajante.Si se mezcla con bastante marihuana y alguna que otra cerveza se puede llegar a un bastante logrado estado modificado de conciencia.(Si lo podéis mezclar con salvia mejor que mejor)

I found out that smoking this after drinking coffee causes a horrible headache, so don't do that. The information makes it sound like a great high, but it was borderline mild for me. I kept smoking and smoking and finally got relaxed, but this smoke needs extras (like cannabis or alcohol) before it really makes a difference. Only had a partial psychadelic experience with it (after drinking and smoking bud).


It gave absolutely NOOOO! effect just green rubbish

I didn't like this actually. I first smoked one joint and got bit relaxed feeling, then tought that I smoked too little and rolled another two joints. Then little men started to bang in my head, in another words, I got one awful headache that lasted for whole evening. Not very strong positive effects but might be gentle and nice for evening sitters.


You need to add something else to be a truly good weed... try adding some crushed Salvia Divinorum leaves and you'll be really touched.

im well impressed with the product
thank you

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