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Twister - Cooling Spring Pipe

Twister - Cooling Spring Pipe
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Twister_Spring_Pipe_01.jpg TWiSTER - Cooling Spring Pipe
This Spring Pipe features a superb foldable design with a manual cooling system. As you toke on the Twister Spring Pipe, a small nudge of the barrel allows air to enter through the spring gaps, acting much like a rush hole. You simply take your hit and bend the spring appropriately to let in the right amount of air to cool down your toke!

In folded form, the Twister Spring Pipe can be attached to a chain or your keys. Like this, it can't be identified as a pipe and is easily transportable.

High Grade Stainless Steel
Manual Cooling System
Extremely Light and Portable
Discrete Stealth Design
Easy to Use and Clean

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