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Aquarius - New Formula

In the sacred world of astrology, the Aquarius has a multi-faceted personality with very unique qualities. This Aquarius is a mind expanding blend of ancient sacred herbs that will give you lovely insights of the many facets this universe has to offer. This herbal blend was developed by the ancient druids of Stonehenge. Aquarius is a great natural psychedelic that will blow your mind.


Take 2 capsules with a lot of water, 45 minutes before the desired effect.



Customers Reviews Aquarius - new formula Share your experience


you are right Tony, you got be new for this to work. next time I will take four at once and see what happen!!


heard this is good im also an aquarius

Didn't work for me. You propably have to be a total newbie to drugs for this to work. All i got was a mellow mood (which is the reason i didn't give the worst rating-smiley) and a leg cramp :/

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