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Everlast Mexicana

These dehydrated, powdered truffles were specifically created for people who do not want to take their fresh trippy truffles straight after receiving them. Now you can decide when and where you want to go on your magical experience.

Store for up to 6 months
Small size means you can take them anywhere
Powder is easily mixed in a drink to disguise the taste
Each pack contains the same as 40g of fresh truffles


These will give you a strong visual, psychedelic experience.


5 grams
7 grams
10 grams


4-6 hours


Mix the powder into a flavored drink.
Take them with an empty stomach and clear head.
For the best mushroom experience make sure that you are in an environment where you feel safe and comfortable and that you take the correct dose.


We don't ship this product to:
Germany , Italy , Norway , Switzerland , United Kingdom

Customers Reviews Everlast Mexicana Share your experience


Great idea!!!! I love fresh truffles but I can't always be sure that I can take them in the first few days when they arrive at my house. So that means planning ahead, and I'm not really good at that. I have these powdered real truffles and can keep them and take them whenever I want! Woop Woop!!


got this product mainly for micro dosing, about 500 mg in 00 capsule, works pretty well I must say. .. couldn't resist having a "full" high, so used 5 grams, dissolved in lemon juice (look up lemon tek) and had a very uplifting and surprisingly potent experience as 5 grams is supposed to equal 20 grams of fresh. The lemon tek is highly effective for this dried product.

Took 5g with a friend, it was a nice and fairly mild trip. Did not want to take too much as I have not had them for a very long time. This was the perfect comeback :) Cool audio and a little bit of visual. It was a very nice trip. Next time I'll definitely do 10g.


oiaaaaw ... euuuh franchement le gout pas super mais alors les effets etaient absolument fascinants : impression d'etre en dehors de mon corps, je me prenais pour quelqu'u d'autre , les murs qui avancaient ou reculaient , des effets proches d'une meditations et de communications avec l'au dela crise de fous rires, avec du bon son j'etais comme un ouf ... je viens d'en recommander 3x10g ! je le recommande puissance 10 !

Ingesting wasn't easy in spite of mixing it with lemon tea with lots of ginger added (for the nausea). It turns out it wasn't completely powdered. Anyways... I had to lie down for a while to let the nausea pass but after that it was great. I felt like I was a light being, I saw myself leaving my body but then decided that I needed to take a good look at this body I'm trapped in. I turned on the webcam on my pc because I wanted to look into my eyes but of course if I looked at my eyes they weren't looking at the camera and so I couldn't look into them lol. At this point colors were more vivid and there was some swirling. I yawned a lot, cried some, walked around the house a lot and spoke to myself like I was my big sister (I don't have one) on the video. It wasn't what I had planned to do (I had prepared drawing materials beforehand) but I had a very cleansing trip and felt great afterwards so I suppose that that is what I needed. I think a greater improvement would be to put the powder into gelatin capsules :)


Good product. Used 30gr for 5 people, swallowed with chocolate milkshake. Only one of us barfed. Very good experience in the nature, colorful psicodelia and laughter

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