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Xl Magic Mushroom Growkits - 2 X 1 Special Offer

Xl Magic Mushroom Growkits - 2 X 1 Special Offer
Special Request

Special Request


The Grow Season celebration is underway and Shayana is excited to announce an incredible special offer!

Choose from legendary psilocybin strains like Amazonia, Cambodia, Thai, Treasure Coast and Mazatapec. These "ready to grow" XL growkits contain everything you need to cultivate your very own magic mushrooms. The kits are super easy to use and you will receive the Shayana Grow Manual to help you along the way. Get ready to enjoy huge harvests of homegrown shrooms with your friends and better yet, Shayana is ready to double the fun!!

2 x 1 Special Offer: for a limited time only, when you order one of these XL growkits, you will receive a second Mystery XL growkit absolutely FREE! Offer valid while stock lasts, better hurry and order now!


The experience of the mushroom trip can range anywhere from fun to spiritual, mind-blowing to life-changing, and everywhere in between.

Magic mushrooms produce effects which may include a profound and emotional connection with nature and your surroundings, a sudden appreciation or joy for life, open and closed-eye visuals, colour enhancement, sensory stimulation, increased sense of humour with fits of laughter, creative and cognitive enhancement, music appreciation and deep thoughts.

Please keep in mind that the effects are usually enhanced when experienced with a positive mood, good music and a comfortable environment, preferably surrounded by nature.


The overall trip can last from 4 to 8 hours. If you don’t have much experience, you should start with a small dose and only increase the amount after waiting an hour to see how you feel.


Harvest: each XL Growkit can yield up to 1 kilo of fresh mushrooms, so you should be able to grow close to a total of 2 kilos of mushrooms with both growkits you receive with this special offer!

Storage: the kits are ready to grow as soon as you receive them. If you need to wait, the kits can be stored in the fridge for up to a month. Any longer may compromise the grow results.

Heating mat: for the best results, please avoid direct contact between the heating surface and the growkit. If you cannot create space, use a piece of cardboard or a folded towel.


This 2 x 1 Special Offer includes:
- 2 x XL (2100ml + 2100ml) Growkits with 100% active Mycelium
- 2 x filter bags (to create microclimate)
- Paperclip(s) to close the grow bags
We don't ship this product to:
Germany , Norway , Sweden , Switzerland , United Kingdom

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