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Shroomgro Superpack

Provide ideal growing conditions for your magic mushrooms anytime of the year at a special reduced price. Simply choose your favorite strain and you are ready to start growing!

The NEST Mat is a professional heating pad which will provide optimum temperature anytime of the year for your all in one growkit while the Digital Thermo Hygrometer features a nice LCD display that makes it super easy to monitor the temperature and humidity of your grow environment.

ShroomGRO SuperPack includes:
1 – All in One Magic Mushroom Growkit (M)
1 – NEST Heating Mat
1 – Digital Thermo Hygrometer

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Received today, everything was perfect, as described. I will continue ordering at shayanashop. Thanks


fabulous,,, no words to explained ,, me and 3 friend,, 4 hours of beautiful smiling,,, thank you,,, shayana