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Shroomgro - Xs Superpack

Grow your own Magic Mushrooms all year round at a special reduced price!

Each ShroomGRO Winter Pack Includes:

2 x Magic Mushroom XS GrowKits
(choose between Mexican, Golden Teacher and B+ strains)

1 x Nest Heating Mat
(to regulate temperature and achieve optimum growing conditions)

Please Note: For best effects avoid direct contact between the heating surface and the grow kit. Use a piece of cardboard or a folded towel.


Harvest on average 50 grams within 2-3 weeks.
Multiple flushes possible.
We don't ship this product to:
Germany , Norway , Switzerland , United Kingdom

Customers Reviews ShroomGRO - XS SuperPack Share your experience


Very good and fast delilvery. After one strain was out, they sent another. Everything was fine. It grows very fast! You really need that heating mat for spreading the mycelium, then you take it away for fruiting.
Look around the net for good growing advices, not every advice is good for your kit because there are many different ways of growing. With this one everything goes almost automaticly. You get a lot of babies even with these two XS kits.
Thank you shayana!


This is my first time growing and they came out amazing! i'm going to re-use the heating mat for a bigger growkit now! Thanks Shayana!

First strains were sold out. Immediatly got a message to chose another strain. Got Mex and Golden Teacher. Perfect delivery after 5 days. Soaked it 24h and put em in the bag yesterday morning over the heating mat. I cant believe it but i already see little 0,5cm buds today! After 24h! I counted about 20 GT and 8 Mex. Hope its gonna be even more. I bet its so fast because of the heating mat. And when it got delivered there was already a lot of white mycelium at the bottom and the walls of the kit too. Amazing! Looks like i will have the first flush in 10 days... I will write updates here. THANK YOU SHAYANA! I blown away! Amazing! Boooom ya! Namaste!


As this was my first attempt at growing I am fairly happy with the results. The winter package is great for these European winters. My only issue is, however, that from the two xs kits I got (Mexican and GT), only one worked. The Mexicans pinned plenty, but all turned grey and stopped growing. I tried removing the stalled pins and dunking the kit (twice) but I only got tiny grey pins.... after the third attempt I chucked it in case of contamination and didn't want my other kit to be compromised. The GT's, on the other hand proved better, yet far from the stated yield of 50g per flush. First flush was just one shroom of 21g, second flush 14g, third flush 13g... but fantastically I am on a fourth flush so there is still hope of a total yield of about 5g dry.
All that aside though, I rate the service very highly, am happy with the customer service and speed of delivery... and I have ordered more ;)
Thanks guys!!

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