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Mazatapec Growkit - Medium

ATTENTION: Do not order more than 2 M growkits so as to ensure a better delivery of your package!

The best way to get amazing magic mushrooms is to grow your own with this easy-to-use kit. This all in one kit brings you all the shroomy goodness of the Psilocybe Cubensis Mazatapec without having to have any specialist equipment or previous knowledge on grow mushrooms.
This Grow Set comes with substrate colonized with the amazing Mazatapec mushrooms.


Harvest on average 400 grams within 2-3 weeks

STORAGE:All kits have been inoculated with the mycelium of Psilocybe Cubensis and the substrate has started to be colonised. The optimal situation is that the kit is started immediately after receiving it. However, if you really need to wait for some days, you can keep the kit in the fridge for a maximum of 1 month. After that period of time, the growth can be compromised.
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Canada , Germany , Norway , Switzerland , United Kingdom

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In love with it guys!

Delivered in 11 days
1st flush 296 in 10 days
2nd flush 116 in 7 days
3d flush 87 in 7 days

Everytime was awesome but after 5 or 6 times between a 10 days period it has nothing more to give you.
I prefer triping for a week experience everything and then make the philosophical jurney all way for the rest of the month.
2,5 g is enough for starters or experienced users or what.
Heavy stuff when combined with pot.

Highdosed over 5 once
First high then extatic after dreamy and trippy as fuck then bad trip bad thoughts and then ultra happiness and ephoria unlimited feeled every livibg creature breathing everything was poetic and cinemascopic deep thoughts happiness a hard battle was given that day protecting the fuckin kingdom of life and i telling you guys i won :P

I feel very diffrrent even 10 days after and more relaxed in my everyday life i deal with problems with more empathy and logical power.

Dont ever underestimate cubes like teacher and maz maccenai etc
Sometimes you gotta know kid enough is enough

Thanks shayana for giving me this option.
Keep up the good work and please fix this buggy site full of errors it will give you an upward in sales for sure.

I am.waiting now the xl stuff :D

Happy or sad paychonauts over the glob have a good trip expand your horizons become more


Der Wachstum war unglaublich schnell. Nach 5 tagen musste ich sie ernten daher ein paar aufgingen bevor die überhaupt 5 cm groß waren..
Weil ich diese Sorte von Wachstum und vom aussehen anders gewohnt bin, verzweifele ich gerade an der Bestimmung der Sorte.. Sie sehen aus wie Koh Samui oder Thai.. jedoch sollten es Mazatapec sein, weil auch die Box so beschriftet war..
Ich werde mal auf den nächsten Flush warten was das kommt.. Ich hoffe ich habe keine Wunderbox erwischt 😂😂


Poussent vite, montent doucement, sans balance j'en ai pris peu(-de 10) et bonne perche visuel, et un peu psycho quand-même. sèchent vite et pas dégueu...
j'hésite à en reprendre déjà hors que c'était hier... mais bon, molo molo...

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