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Mckennaii Growkit - Small

ATTENTION: Do not order more than 2 Small growkits so as to ensure a better delivery of your package!

Considered one of the easiest grow kits available, this Small Mckennaii All in Growkit will help you to grow your own mushrooms without any extra knowledge or special equipament.

The grow set comes with substrate colonized with the famous Mckennaii mushrooms.


Harvest on average 100 grams within 2-3 weeks
Multiple flushes possible


Please Note: for optimum results when using a heating device, avoid direct contact between the heating surface and the growkit. If you cannot create space, use a piece of cardboard or a folded towel instead.
STORAGE:All kits have been inoculated with the mycelium of Psilocybe Cubensis and the substrate has started to be colonised. The optimal situation is that the kit is started immediately after receiving it. However, if you really need to wait some days, you can keep the kit in the fridge for a maximum of 1 month. After that period of time the growth can be compromised.
We don't ship this product to:
Germany , Norway , Switzerland , United Kingdom

Customers Reviews Mckennaii Growkit - Small Share your experience


Great fast delivery Kant wait for them to grow easy to use kit. no hassles just easy to grow shooms :) probably the best kit on the market just awesome


Very Great!Easy to handle!Many,many shrooms :)) Very lovely trips.I was very proud, when after some days (maybe one and a half week) the first pins grew.Enjoyed it with friends!We loved it! <3

Very fast delivery (3 days to germany), no problems and good looking product ...

Will report in some days again .. ;)



Nice they finally came to my palace now they are In my special grow box because its too cold to put them in room

Thenx Shayana you are my Hero

Good delivery to germany. No problems with the green aliens^^
I can realy recomand this hompage :-) and the delivery took 5-6 days becouse i ordered over weekend normal it takes only 4 days


Eine super Sache. Kam diskret verpackt aus ; Belgien.der erste flush war super 160g der zweite war weniger einen dritten hatten wir leider nicht. Gute Pilze gute reise

salut,j'ai reçu le colis rapidement :)
j'ai commandé des McKennaii, mais il me semble avoir reçu des Moby Dick (champignon énorme,chapeau blanc, genre albinos) qui poussent très rapidement.
Pour un novice j'ai eu du mal à gérer au début, mais au final <3 <3!!
trés colorer, et avec un peu de maîtrise on retrouve le "zen" du Golden Teacher, bref, trompez vous encore!!
Peace & Love.

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