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Mycomate Underground Growkit

Mycomate Underground Growkit
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Special Request


Grow your own magic truffles.

Yes, Shayanashop has various magic truffle varieties in store that can be ordered in a few clicks to be delivered at your doorstep ready for consumption. Super !

But, there are those who like to take it to the next level and grow their own harvest of magic truffle wonders. The Mycomate fast fungi Growkit turns the art of mushroom cultivation into childs’ play.

The growkit includes a complete and illustrated manual that takes you through every little step of the truffle growing process. Failure is simply not possible when everything is explained in such detail.

Thanks to the innovating techniques that are used by this grow kit, you will be able to harvest 2 weeks earlier than conventional grow kits. Moreover, you will get up to 10 flushes (growth waves) out of one kit !

The grow kits contain : Micron-filtrated bag with growth media and injection site, Sterile alcohol swabs.

Each grow-kit is used in combination with a vial , a small bottle containing the spores. On the left you can choose from different vials, each one containing a specific truffle variety: Tampanensis Pollack, Tampanensis Atlantis, Panaeolus Goliath, etc
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