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Beginners Mushroom Growkit

By now, some of you may have seen enough of all the prefabricated easy-to-use grow kits. True, for beginners who do not know where to start these starter kits can do amazing things. Although, we admit, even the more experienced growers gladly make use of the all in one grow kits (especially when they are a wee bit lazy). But for those who think they are up for a new challenge and want to go about it in a more professional way, Shayanashop has put together a grow kit that allows you to witness every step in the mushroom growing process starting from scratch.

This grow kit contains:

1,1 liters Vermiculite
250 gr Rice flour
3 Polypropylene filter patch bags
3 Plastic containers with lids
1 Psilocybe cubensis “Golden Teacher” syringe
1 Sterile mask
1 pair of Sterile gloves
6 Elastic bands
1 Instruction booklet

Now you just have to put your hands to work and perform some magic. Good luck and good harvest!

If you are looking on more detailed info on mushroom growing, we recommend the book Guerilla Growers: a beginners guide to mushroom cultivation. , an easy-to-read and practical book that discusses the most important aspects of mushroom cultivation.
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Good Growkit, although the instructions are not so good, check out for great grow tecks. Also u dont have to have a pressure cooker, u can steam sterilize, for more info checkout the youtube video: Let's Grow Mushrooms! pf tek


Great kit, but the cake is not done for you. So you need a presure cooker to make the cake, just a reminder. otherwise great kit with good instructions.

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