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Psilocybe Azurescens Spawn Bag

Also know as the Flying saucer mushroom, Psilocybe azurescens is one of the most potent species in the world. It can contain up to 1,78% psilocybin, 0,38% psilocin and 0,35% baeocystin by dry weight. Due to its high indole contents exhibits an unusual bluing reaction, the flesh can even became indigo black from bruising. Cold weather tolerant these species is suitable to grow outdoors being its season between September to December.


Produces 2-3 flushes of mushrooms every season and the harvest increases year after year!


Buy a bag of woodchips and choose a shady spot in your garden, mix the spawn bag with the chips and keep them wet! Is that simple or what? :)


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Received this product about 10 days ago. followed the balcony/terrace instructions with a (sterile and unused)cat litter tray an bin bag. half filled it with reptile and orchid litter (expensive - (sort of) wood chips - available from reptile & pet shops). im in the u.k & put it all together about 6 days ago (27th jan 07). mycelium is goin mad already!! if it carries on like that im hopin ill get a fruiting soon. (about 1/6 of the woodchips are smothered already) fingers crossed!


I've not tried this actual product yet but i've heard many bad things... However i am a very experienced mushroom cultivator, and I've got this to say. This isn't like a flower, it's a mushroom nothing will appear until the bed of woodchips is fully colonized and the mycellium (stuff that spores germinate into and that mushrooms fruitbodies form from) will only colonize in a specific temperature range, improper timing is probably the biggest mistake with outdoor patches. Make the patch while its warm out (not too warm over 100 is bad!!!) 80ish is good make sure you keep the patch moist but not wet. and let nature take its course come the cool fall rainy season the patch shoul be colonized and produce.

It may have arrived quickly but nothing grew. I followed the directions exactly, but no shrooms for me. I'll leave them the hardwood chips where they are and see what happens later this year.


as I said above these arrived. I followed the instructions to the letter( going to great trouble to find hardwood chips) And I didn't get a single shroom! VERY dissapointed!

THis arrived in less then a week. cant wait for the finished product in september


these came in the post in only a week and a half. i followed and still am following the guidelines to the letter, nothing has happend yet but i will say shayanashop in good and quick with their mailing . I'll post a picture as soon as they have grown, I cant wait its like anticipating x-mas as a kid ....peace

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