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What are Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Plants have evolved over millennia in different ways – adapting to climactic conditions and methods of propagation. Some plants have seeds, others can be grown using cuttings, bulbs, runners, divisions, layering and so on. The diversity is quite amazing to say the least.
Seeds are the most common method to grow plants or trees. Researchers and seed companies have worked on changing the physical make up of seeds to meet different requirements like quick growing, resistance to pests, nutritional content and so on. Evidence of this change is most obvious in cannabis plant seeds. First off, let’s look at some of the reasons to grow this plant.

Why people grow Cannabis

Cannabis is used for medicinal purposes by a lot of people across the world. It is banned in a lot of countries and states – in some cases, people may be required to have licenses to grow it as well. Even Cannabis has different strains and some are more effective than others. The sativa strain has a higher amount of the compound which helps to alleviate pain and makes it a good choice for medicinal purposes. It helps people to stay alert and thus recommended for use during the day. The indica strain has a different composition and makes it suitable for evening use. Hybrids were created so that the best of both could be made available to those who need it.

How to choose quality seeds

When one is looking for good quality seeds, getting them from a good source should be the most important factor. Good growing conditions play an important role as well – the most important factor is the genetic makeup. Selective breeding makes a big difference and there are a few good seed banks where one can get them. Check with seed distributions to see what strains and unique features are available before buying – one has to also keep reasons for growing these plants in mind.

Types of Seeds and Growing Conditions

There is a particular strain of seed which has been engineered or “bred” to have only female chromosomes – also known as feminized seeds, they are designed to ensure that every plant that is grown will have female flowers and also produce a crop of quality buds with resin. These buds are highly sought by growers everywhere. Many gardeners prefer these seeds as they are quick and easy to cultivate. This type of seed makes it easy for amateur growers to cultivate a crop and not worry about checking for male plants and wondering how to get them pollinated. Growers usually plant a lot of seeds to let them grow and then eliminate the male plants. When one uses just feminized seeds, there is no waste and only those that are required get planted, grown and harvested.

Choice of Seeds depending on weather

Indoor seeds - Even though people can grow all types of cannabis, some people prefer to use a green house. There are seeds which can be bought and used only for indoor growing. These strains have to meet criteria like low height, ability to thrive in confined spaces and thriving under artificial lighting. Indoor growing is a great way to ensure a stable environment where all elements are managed and monitored by the grower. These are a good choice as climate is taken out of the equation and crops can be had year round.
Outdoor seeds - People have been growing crops outdoors for millennia. Indoor growing methods for plants have been around only for a few hundred years by comparison. This is the easiest method to use as nature will do the rest. There are only a few strains that do well outdoors. Since climate varies greatly from north to south, it becomes very important to get the right strains. Seed companies have a lot of varieties and will be able to help with picking the right one.

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