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Usage of Salvia Divinorum by Mexican Shamans

Usage of Salvia Divinorum by Mexican Shamans

Salvia Divinorum is famous as being part of Shamanic rituals since thousands of years. It has healing properties which have been confirmed by the modern day scientists. It stimulates the brain.
Salvia Divinorum has been used in shamanic, or spiritual and religious context. It is a psychoactive substance. Salvia Divinorum usage in ritualized context has been seen for hundreds of years. Their religious importance is very well established in modern and anthropological evidences. It is even being used for thousands of years by shamans of Aztec civilization due to its healing capability. Shamans observe dietary or customary restrictions specific to their tribes. This restriction is more than simply cultural. The Mexican flower continues to be utilized as tool for centuries by shamans within the Mexican region of Oaxaca in order to relieve bad emotions.

Details of Salvia Divinorum

SALVIA Extract - Spirit of Nature

Salvia plant grows within the sub-tropical forest of Mexico. Salvia happens to be a member of mint family. It was almost getting extinct from imposing destruction caused due to tropical forests within the region. Now it has got recognition for its medical properties. It is grown all across the planet can be maintained easily in gardens, indoors as well as outdoors. Salvia is hallucinogenic drug which is very strong in effect. It is also unusual and hence it has not been "abused" widely despite being available readily. Salvia leaves have a substance known as Salvinorin-A. It is the strongest hallucinogen that science knows.
It is more potent compared to LSD. It behaves in a different way than almost all other psychotropic drugs investigated till date. It stimulates opioid receptors within the brain. These are some sites in brain cells which react to morphine. Activating the opioid receptor blocks the pain. These are the same sites within the brain which create the famous "runner's high." There is a feeling associated with reaching some goal through efforts. This may be running a race, winning some game via physical efforts, or handling non-injurious suffering such as acupuncture. These cause the stress hormone to reach the brain. This is then changed to endorphins.

Releasing of endorphins

Salvia Divinorum - Leaves

Apparently salvia triggers the releasing of endorphins even without you having to put efforts or bear pain. This is very much evident from the initial scientific studies. However, it is also observed that salvia has different effects on different people. Sometimes using salvia results in recollecting childhood memories, uncontrollable laughter, sensation of motion, writhing, slipping, twisting, sliding, vision of membrane like soap bubble, feeling of being present in two locales at the same time. Not everybody has visions in their brains or gets a hallucination like being present within two soap bubbles at the same time just waiting to get released.
Salvia has often been referred as a "wild ride." Only one or more "hits" of this pipe lets users to almost instantly get immersed into an out of world experience where place and time appear to be in the hands of this drug. A sensory stimulation guides the user to one lucid dreamy state where everything from spirit guides to cartoons can seem as true as normal consciousness, without any feel of being under an influence or "high" of a chemical. So natural is this sensation of an "other presence" or "guide" that regular users have provided "her" a name, which is often called as "the Goddess" or "Sally".

Salvia not only acts like a hallucinogen

Though you will feel that it is very tough to grow the plant using seeds, it can be grown easily from cuttings. These are shared and sold all much across the Western nations. Solid scientific evidence, published within the Proceeding of National Academy of Sciences in USA, tells that salvia not only acts like a hallucinogen, but also it does not behave in any manner same as LSD. In addition, it does tend to prevent hallucinations caused due to Alzheimer's, Pick's disease, Huntington's disease, long-term abuse of cocaine, as well as long-term usage of methamphetamines. Scientists have found out that salvia is indeed remarkable.

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