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Kratom and its Uses

Ever heard of Kratom, the wonder plant with a lot of uses both as a drug and stimulant? Found in Southeast Asia, the plant hold a lot of promise. Read why.
Kratom is a wonder plant; literally unknown even a few years back. In recent times it has gained popularity due to its magical healing effects and also a sexual enhancement and general well-being drug. Mitragyna Speciosa, popularly known as Kratom is a part of the Rubiaceae family or the coffee family. The plant has medicinal properties and is found mainly in Southeast Asia (Malaysia, Thailand, and Indonesia). The plant is mainly used for its psychoactive properties. It gives a numbing sensation which is likened to a “high”. Mitragynine is one of the many alkaloids found in this plant.

Mitragynine similair to opiate

Small doses of mitragynine act as a stimulant while higher doses make it an opiate. However, the main reason for the opioid effect is the 7-Hydroxymitragynine. Kratom also acts a male sexual enhancement drug due to the presence of Corynantheidine (Rauhimebine), a common component of male penis enlargement pills. The drug mainly has medicinal effects – antioxidant effects, anti-depressant effects, improving blood pressure problems, and treating addiction. Traditionally, the people of Southeast Asia used to chew the raw leaf. Kratom was never seen as a drug or a stigma. Kratom has been a part of the culture for thousands of years.

Traditionally, it is like drinking coffee

Only when you take the leaves in very high doses does it cause a sense of high although Kratom has never been linked to any fatality. Up to 70% of the male population in Thailand chews Kratom (10 to 60 leaves daily). Although contamination and adulteration risks are always there, Kratom has never been lethal enough to cause death. Kratom minimizes withdrawal symptoms in opiate dependent individuals. In Europe and the United States, Kratom is used to treat various ailments such as anxiety, pain, and depression. In Southern Thailand, it is used to fight heroin addiction.

One can even prepare Kratom tea and have it for soothing effects although the tea tastes very bitter. Youngsters use it for recreational purposes. Kratom even increases libido and sexual performance. Most individuals taking Kratom has reported highly pleasurable sexual encounters with one or multiple sexual partners. Diarrhea is treated successful with Kratom. If you have difficulty sleeping, take Kratom in low, controlled doses to have a mild sedative effect and calmness of mind. Use it as a stimulant too for a feeling of euphoria, happiness, strength, activeness and a desire to work. Now do you see why Kratom takers were mainly workers and laborers?

What’s happening at the Kratom front?

Practically unknown of its wonders Kratom remained a personal favorite for the people of Southeast Asia for many years. However, thankfully, the situation has changed and the medical world is paying a lot of attention on the plant these days. Various laboratories from across the globe are conducting independent experiments on the drug to study the effects. Is it safe for human consumption? If it is then what is the highest dose one can consume? It might also have depressive effects on certain individuals. It shall be found out soon.

Pharmaceutical companies are trying a lot to create Kratom-based drugs such as pain relievers and topicals. Kratom tea is already popular. Epicatechin, substance in Kratom leaves promotes good health. Epicatechin is also a main component in dark chocolates. Mitragyna is the substance than improves sexual activity. Kratom holds a lot of promise and hence thousands of dollars are being spent on research.

The world is truly a paradise. It has wonders beyond our imagination. Interestingly, some of the wonders such as Kratom has been used for thousands of years by local people but never came out in the world.

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