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How Do Vaporizers Work

How Do Vaporizers Work

Vaporizers reduce the toxic effects of smoking marijuana. Hence, users get the same “high” that a conventional smoke gives, without any of its side effects involving carbons and other toxins.
Smoking any drug such as hashish, tobacco or marijuana is very bad for your lungs. Smoke hurts your throat and lungs because this smoke has got tar in it. This tar contains chemicals which may cause cancer of the mouth or lungs if an individual smokes for a long period of time. A person that only consumes marijuana will not only hurt their throat or lungs, but may consume a huge amount without even noticing in time so as to avoid any side-effect. A relatively new process to inhale that is very much safe than smoking happens to be vaporizing marijuana.

All about the Vaporizers

A vaporizer or vaporizer happens to be a device that is used to extract to inhale the active ingredient of plant materials. These commonly range from tobacco, cannabis, or similar other blends or herbs. However, they may also be utilized with pure chemical when mixed along with plant materials. An example is nicotine-free tobacco. Vaporization can be an alternative instead of burning or smoking which avoids the inhaling of several irritating carcinogenic and toxic by-products. This technique is based upon increasing the marijuana’s temperature to around 190-195 degrees Celsius. This is the temperature around which THC vaporizes. However, it is far less than the stage when "carbons" start getting burned.

THC compound

The final result is that THC compound that is breathed is mixed with air than THC compound that is inhaled with smoke. There is virtually zero exposure to dangerous combustion products while using vaporizing marijuana. As it reproduces smoking's efficiency via producing the required THC effects utilizing small amount of active ingredients as against the pill forms, the vaporizing device has huge potential to improve the therapeutic use of THC. It is an effective and safe marijuana delivery system available to users. The end pulmonic intake of THC can be compared to smoking of marijuana, while still avoiding the respiratory disadvantage of smoking.

Vaporizers have different kinds of extraction chamber. This includes straight bore, sequential venture or venturi and is made up of materials like glass or metal. This extracted vapor can be collected within a jar or an inflatable bag. It can also be inhaled directly via pipe or hose. Only negligible or no smoke is produced and cool temperatures and lesser material is needed for achieving the given degree of effect. Therefore, the harmful and irritating effect of smoking is reduced, just as secondhand smoke. The analysis of this vapor from a vaporizer concludes that during multiple tests it delivered almost 36% to 61% of THC into the sample.

Pure marijuana preparation

A study utilizing pure marijuana preparation achieved maximum of 54% results. Study of marijuana cigarettes smoked through the smoking machine at varying degrees of puff durations and air speeds found extremely similar efficiency of 34% up to 61%. Hence, users can achieve the desired effect with a similar amount of material as when smoking. You can vaporize the medically active THC through heating marijuana up to a temperature that is slightly less than the combustion point. Thereby, it eliminates or substantially reduces harmful smoke toxin that are usually present within marijuana smoke. It removes three measured combustion product like benzene, naphthalene and toluene.

Carbon monoxide or smoke tars are also reduced in the above process. A large potent, vaporized marijuana puff will usually cause severe coughs. Vaporization system which utilize ice or/and water for moisturizing or cooling conditioning through running the vapor from a water pipes or vaporization water tools having ice address the moisture and temperature factors of this delivered vapor. This enables larger inhalation without any respiratory irritation which results from dried-vapor delivery. Also, the longer the vapor is stored, more THC gets lost since it condenses over the vaporizer surface or balloon. This loss can be negligible for few minutes. However, it can be over 50% for 90 minutes.

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