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Growing Magic Mushrooms Using the Grow Kits

Growing Magic Mushrooms Using the Grow Kits

Growing Magic Mushrooms Using the Grow Kits

To grow magic mushrooms using the grow kits ensure that the growth area is hygienic. Allow for proper ventilation and moderate lighting in the place. Ensure that adequate water is also provided to maximize growth. Harvesting at the right time is also crucial if you want to obtain further rich yields.
Magic mushrooms are truly creating magic these days what with investigators saying that they have potency in treating depression and alcohol, cigarette and drug addiction. In fact, their earlier use as a hallucinogenic drug is today being overshadowed by their many positive effects which are probably reasons why people are even choosing to grow the fungi at home. Remember that if you grow the mushroom in the optimum conditions you can maximize the yield and reap more flushes. Here is a useful guide that can help you grow the magic mushrooms to the fullest.

How to Grow Magic Mushrooms

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When you decide to grow the magic mushrooms on your own, you will first need a grow kit that consists of a grow-box and a growing bag. A primary requirement for adequate mushroom growth is a hygienic environment. Therefore, ensure that the room where you keep the box is not dusty and if possible sterilize the area immediately around the box using a flame before opening it. In this regard, it is also advisable that you wash your hands thoroughly before getting on with the task.
After cleaning the box and the area around it, remove the lid from the box. Using a disinfected fork, punch around 6 to 8 rows of holes in the substrate to allow for better retention of moisture. Take care to space the holes evenly to ensure even water retention. Following this, fill the grow box with lukewarm water and then put the lid back on it. Leave the substrate to soak water for 24 hours.
The next day, open the box once again and drain the water out. Into the growing bag add about half a liter of tepid water. Now, place the grow-box inside the growing bag and close the bag by folding and securing the top. If you want a bountiful harvest, make sure that you place the growing bag in a warm place at temperatures around 20-25oC. Daylight, of course is important for proper growth of the fungi but this does not mean that you expose it to direct sunlight.

Growing bag

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Similarly, avoid placing the growing bag on a heating device. It is also vital that you do not allow the temperature to exceed 35oC as the mercury above this level is detrimental to mushroom growth. Additionally, take care to see that the room in which you have placed the growing bag is not too draughty. Decent growth conditions when provided to the fungi will aid pinning i.e. formation of mushrooms and encourage full growth.
Another crucial aspect for ensuring maximal growth is that you must allow for proper ventilation within the growing bag. This is best done by opening the bag at least once a day for releasing the built up carbon dioxide in it. As such, you will have to open the growing bag for spraying water on the growing mushrooms daily. Rather than pouring water in a thick stream use a plant water sprayer to gently spray the water over the tender fungi.

Carry out carefully

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If you carry out the above-mentioned steps carefully, you should see visible mushroom growth after around 10 to 12 days. The best time to harvest would be when the mushrooms start to open. To harvest the fungi, gently hold them at the root and twist delicately. Then lift the mushroom to pull it out of the substrate. Do this step with utmost care to assure yourself of newer mushroom growth. Normally, with the grow kit the first flush is the most abundant. Nevertheless, it you are careful about handling the grow box correctly you should get up to 4 decent flushes.
Follow the above instructions to the tee and there is no reason why you should not have a bountiful flush and fun growing the magic mushrooms!