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Enjoy a better sex life with Aphrodisiacs

Enjoy a better sex life with Aphrodisiacs


Aphrodisiacs provide a fantastic way for you to spice up your sex life! Aphrodisiacs have been used for centuries. Many naturally occurring aphrodisiacs are believed to be contained in a range of foods such as Chocolate, Figs, Avocado and Bananas.

Millions of people across the globe enjoy aphrodisiacs and have great fun using them. This category has a wide range of substances which will provide great pleasure for you and your sexual partner so look around and let the fun begin!

What are aphrodisiacs?

An aphrodisiac is essentially a substance which increases ones sexual desire and in some cases performance. Its name derives from the Greek Goddess of love and sex known as Aphrodite. Aphrodisiacs have been used for many years now and are hugely popular due to their effectiveness for improving sexual experiences. There are a number of different chemical drugs known as aphrodisiacs which work in slightly different ways but all achieve the same ultimate results.

Alkyl Nitrites

Possibly the most commonly used aphrodisiac are alkyl nitrites which have been proven to enhance sexual desire and response. Alkyl nitrites are often referred to as ‘poppers’ and are taken nasally in the majority of cases.


Bremelanotide works by acting on certain receptors in the brain which directly result in increased sexual arousal and desire. These receptors are known as melanocortin receptors and when activated have a direct effect on ones sexual desires.


Phenylethylamine is believed to work on the brain in a similar way to amphetamines which are renowned for their sexual arousal ability.

How do aphrodisiacs work?

Aphrodisiacs are substances which enhance and stimulate sexual desire. In order to understand how these substances work it is important for us to determine exactly how sexual arousal comes about within our bodies. With regards to sexual excitement and arousal a lot of this comes down to hormones within our body. It is these hormone levels which govern our body’s sexual drive and desire. This is where aphrodisiacs come in as they help to increase the hormone levels which in turn give the user enhanced sexual desire.

There are two main ways in which aphrodisiacs work; one within the brain and one within the body. Some aphrodisiacs work as simply as just increasing the blood supply to the sex organs which results in increased sexual arousal and desire. Many aphrodisiacs work by activating receptors in the brain which then cause increased amounts of hormones which determine sexual arousal and desire.

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