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Basic Information about Psychoactive Salvia Divinorum

Basic Information about Psychoactive Salvia Divinorum

Salvia Divinorum is a special type of mint that is popularly used for experiencing high vision and hallucination effects in Mexico and USA. People can take either raw leaves or smoke with dust of this mint. Such herb is neither toxic nor harmful to health.
Herbal drugs are now very popular as alternatives of conventional medicines. Salvia Divinorum is basically a psychoactive herb that can cause hallucination effect in human. Such mint is widely available in shady forest area of Oaxaca in Mexico. Large leaves with square stem are identification marks for this mint. Salvia Divinorum is a special type of rarely available herbs. Height of such plant is nearly three meters. Use of this mint has been legalized in almost all areas of Mexico and the United States. People can use dust of this mint for smoking purpose. You can even take juice of such herbs.

Research on Salvia

Some researchers compare this mint with serious drugs like heroin and cocaine. Some states have banned use of this mint. People may experience some psychological changes when they smoke with dry leaves this mint. Salvia Divinorum is an exclusive species of sage family. People of Mexico often use this mint for religious rituals and spiritual healing purposes. Traditional people often perceive this herb as incarnation of God. White flower with violet strips is another identification mark for this mint. Muddy black soil is the perfect breeding ground for Salvia mint. Dim light and humid weather are essential for growth of such herb.

Chemical Characteristics of Salvia Divinorum

Salvia Divinorum extract is very different from alcohol. Such mint contains a special chemical called Salvinorin A that is responsible for psychological alteration in human body. This chemical is very strong. Only a little amount of this chemical can have significant impact on human body. Extract of this mint is not so toxic in nature. People should take low dose of pure Salvinorin A chemical. Salvia extract is neither narcotic nor sedative. You would not be addicted to this mint even after using it for several times. People can chew the raw leaves of Salvia mint for getting instant result.

Cloning Salvia divinorum

Cloning is the normal breeding method for Salvia mints. Such plants may be hybrid in nature. Traditional priests used to make tea with the crushed leaves of Salvia. People can get fresh juice of Salvia by chewing raw leaves. You can even take vapour of Salvia extract for experiencing mysterious visions. Pharmacists treat Salvia juice in laboratory to produce standardized drug. Salvinorin A may affect brain receptors. Young people are now being attracted towards this mint, as it is free from harmful side effects. Certain states have introduced bills to restrict possession of this herb in home.
Presence of psychotropic terpenoid chemical makes it more effective for producing hallucination effects in mind. Smoking and vaporization are most effective method for enjoying high vision. Flowering is very rare for such plants. Pollination is a rare event for this mint. Salvia Divinorum produces and emits Salvinorin A chemical through trichomes. People do not face any problem of organ failure or ill health after taking extracts of Salvia. No death case due to Salvinorin A chemical has been reported yet. Modern researchers have found that Salvia extract can be used as analgesic. Modern people are also using this mint frequently.

What to Expect from a Salvia Trip

Experiencing sudden force and laughter, vision of colourful two-dimensional objects and having unusual perception are some common after effects of taking Salvia extract. Most of these effects are for short duration. Beginners may experience long-term impact if they take higher dose. Consult with the physician for deciding the appropriate dose for you. Many readymade medicines, which are made of Salvian are now available in the market. You cannot take it as an alternative of conventional drugs. People should take this mint extract in quiet and dark environment to enjoy its impact completely. You need to check whether the use of such mint is allowed in your region or not.

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