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Alchemist Gold - Ice-O-Lator

Presenting a new dawn for cannabis, Alchemist Gold introduces Ice-O-Lator. A proprietary blend created to mimic the texture and effects of Ice-O-Lator hash.

A designer high for the exclusive market of high-end smokers.
This product is guaranteed to deliver the best quality high with the knowledge of being safe and only 100% tested active ingredients.

This a superior strength product which is not intended for the first-time user.

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Decide to try this new kind of high, was not disappointed i highly recommend it.stronger than other stuff ive tested.


the body-high is smooth but intense, beautyful
sublime joy and sensual richness,
mindspectrum of fulfillment

in a way it's the ultimate stuff, state-of-the-art
thanks to the golden alchimists

Wow...this Hash just blew me away!! Definitely the most potent of all the hashes Shayana offers. A really nice high with a fast onset. Will be ordering some more again soon. Thanks Shayana!


Oh, wow. this is unbelievable!
Ive only ever tried safe stuff, never anything that says "not for human consumption" but its been terrible. I bought this as a last ditch attempt but OMFG this stuff is amazing. works as an aphrodisiac too (for me anyways)
seemed expensive for 1 gram but its real good price considering you only need a tiny bit to get pretty stoned.
i cant believe this stuff is safe and so good! i'll be buying it again :)

OMG, I'm in love with this. just a little bit can make such a powerfull reaction. It's my 2nd time buying this and I will again.
The taste is a bit weird but mixing it with another blend and voilá welcome to heaven!


J'ai fais le tour de tous les blends et c'est pour moi le meilleur, en deuxième : le Népal temple ball. Le " Easy smoke " met bien aussi.
L'ICE o lator n'a pas un goût fort, ça passe bien. Pour un goût plus fruité couplé avec pincée de " damiana " ça passe crème.
NE PAS mettre beaucoup, le HIGH est fort, on peut être surpris ;-)
Pour dire seulement un caillou, ou une pincée équivalente de ICE en poudre suffisent pour mettre bien ! Je recommande.

Oublier les " shits " de rue, recouper. Question de santé publique, l'état ferme les yeux sur les "apprentis chimiste" qui vendent des produits très toxiques (Pneu,parrafine, énné et y'a pire ! )
Ces blends sont meilleurs pour la santé et on se sent pas "lourd", on peut réfléchir avec le sentiment de détente et de bonne humeur, la tranquillitée ✌🏻️

Molto buono, direi il migliore fra quelli che ho provato. Assomiglia molto al tradizionale ice-o-lator, anche se è una fattanza molto diversa.


Wow! Been smoking weed for 30 years now and I got one of my best hit and stone with that stuff. To be used wisely.

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